Wellcome to SHABON Laundrette

Operation Guide

|Ticket machine|

This is the IC-Card Laundry Shop.
So all laundry equipments are operated by IC-Cards.

First,please buy a SHABON CARD(IC-Card) form the vending machine(white).
It costs 100 yen.
It is avairable to buy only 100 yen coin.
You have to prepare it.
(you should not need to buy many cards.)

After you get it,please insert the card into the vending machine(Yellow) together with 1000 yen bill or 100 and 500 yen coin.
The card are encoded money pulas 10% amount.
If you inseet 1000 yen,it is encoded 1100yen on the card.
It can be used many times depend on the balance.
If the balance is Shortage,please encord some money.

OK!You are ready to run.


P Put clothes into the washing machine.
Q Close the door,and lock.
R Put a detergent in the detergent box at the top of machine.
S Insert your Shabon Card(IC-Card) slowly.
@ You will see some amount in indicater.
@ Washer will start automatically.
@ Indicater will show the balance,then you pull out and keep your card.


P Put clothes into the Dryer machine.
Q Close the door.
R Insert your Shabon Card(IC-Card) slowly.
@ You can some time as follows.
@ Every time Shabon Card(IC-Card) is inserted once,it work automaticaly for 10min or 6min.
@-machine type-
@ T3290 (13.5kg) 10min by 100 yen
@ T3300S(13.5kg) 10min by 100 yen
@ T3530 (23.0kg) 6min by 100 yen
@ T3650 (34.0kg) 6min by 100 yen