Private information protective basic decision

Our company recognizes the importance of private information protection, law observes, pays best attention and that the fact that private information of the customer is protected is social duty thinks, feels at rest in the customer, in addition in order for you to be able to utilize safely, decides the privacy policy of our company, starts handling strictly in accordance with that.

1. Acquisition of private information

Our company when you offer private information from the customer, states clearly the purpose which utilizes that private information (calling below “utilization object”,), beforehand.
 However, when it is following, there are times when you abbreviate the presentation of utilization object.
・When with the telephone and the mail and the like it receives the private information by the inquiry.

2. Range of private information

When our company receives private information from the customer, usually following kind of ones are included.

・Name of customer, address, telephone number, mail address.

3. Utilization object of private information

Our company, from the customer utilizes the private information which offer it receives, inside the next intended range.

・In order with E-mail, to do the customer register,
・In order mail to offer, service such as transmission and news of campaign,
(And, with purpose such as service offer improvement to the customer, there are times when you ask the information other than that, but in that case, beforehand that purpose is made clear.)

4. Disclosure to third party of private information

As for our company it does not disclose the private information which you offered from the customer, in every third party excluding the case where it corresponds below.

・When there is agreement of the customer.
・With law and the like, from the related system when disclosure was required.
・Among descriptions above, when it discloses when it cannot identify the customer individual.

5. About the safety control of private information

Concerning the management of private information of the customer, at our company, it manages appropriately, endeavors to the prevention of outflow to outside private information.

6. Modification of this policy

When modification occurs in acquisition, the range and utilization purpose etc of private information of the customer, it posts by all means, informs about up-to-date information.

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